How To Find Great Trades Webinar – Client Price


This intensive 3-hour webinar is designed to be the most precise and concise webinar I have ever presented. Drawing on a near half-century of experience, I will show you example after example of trade selection, initiation, and management to help you achieve considerably better performance and results from your trading. However, understand that I can’t do everything for you. You ultimately will have to apply the discipline to consistently implement what I’m teaching you. Knowing what and when to do it as well as how to do it will bring you closer to perfecting your discipline.



No matter how many trading systems and methods we use, we ultimately have to make decisions about which trades to take. The more trading strategies, signals, indicators and tools we have, the more decisions we have to make. The more decisions we have to make, the greater the odds of picking bad trades. If we pick and choose without a set of defined criteria, then in most cases we will pick and choose incorrectly. At best it’s frustrating. At worst it loses money and undermines confidence.