JAKE BERNSTEIN Trading Methodologies Webinar Series SALE $389


Trading Methodologies Webinar Series
SALE $389

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Every Webinar will contain highly specific information based on methodologies I am currently using as well as new research and/or updated or new forecasts. Some of the sessions teach methods and/or indicators I have never taught before.

11 Webinar topics include: Popping the Market with Stochastics, The Premier Method for Picking Tops and Bottoms: Divergence in Its Many Forms, Cheap Stocks – Big Bucks Parts 1,2 & 3, Understanding the POWERFUL COT Report, The New Paradigm In Precious Metals & Crypto Currencies, A Brief Course In Behavioral Economics Sessions 1 & 2, The Daily Sentiment Index:  The Ultra Powerful Secret Weapon of Hedge Funds!,  The 2020 Midyear Forecast,  Weekly Swing Trading: Stocks and Futures, What to Do Every Day,  Gaps! Gaps! Gaps! How to Trade Them Profitably!