Jake Bernstein Intermediate-Term Trader JBIT 3 – 3 Yrs SALE $1485


Jake Bernstein
Intermediate-Term Trader JBIT 3
3 Yr  SALE  $1485




I am aware of the fact, the sad fact, that most traders are unable to hold winning positions for more than a few hours. The obverse of this fact is that the big money is made in the big moves. On an intermediate-term basis, by which I mean 3 to 15 months, some traders who have the discipline and the right methodology can profit handsomely. Therefore, through painstaking research I developed the intermediate-term trader indicator which is proprietary and now available in weekly video format. Every week I record a 30 minute video, showing my intermediate-term IT3 indicator, and I provide specific recommendations designed to capture the big intermediate-term moves. For example, several months ago I recommended long coffee futures, long soybean oil futures, long wheat futures, and long S&P futures, all of which have made stellar moves. Some of the biggest moves, up and down, are yet to come

  • Discussion and analysis of the charts showing trend changes in pending trend changes.
  • Support, resistance, & recommendations
  • Intermediate term approximately 5 months 18 months duration of trades.